Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pairing to Get Excited About

Joe Plonk has had a bit of the blahs lately with wine. There may be some new and exciting things out there, but not much has caught my attention (well, perhaps with a few exceptions #1 and #2). But, tonight I met the perfect pairing. Normally, big reds require the darkest chocolate available. However, the pairing tonight was the 2005 Pinder Winery Mourvedre, Westerly Vineyard, Santa Ynez Vineyard (yes, there are wineries in Campbell, but no vineyards) and the Caramel Sauce from Santa Cruz's Richard Donnelly Chocolates. Both wine and caramel have a sweet but firm flavor band that compliment each other perfectly. The Mourvedre started a little gritty, but with a little breathing time it turned soft and supple. The Donnelly Caramel has a sticky-thick consistence with full caramel taste (without the sappy sweetness you get from Smuckers). When tasted together, the harmony is heavenly.

Yes, TheWife is asleep and it appears that we've run out of spoons!

Best, Joe Plonk

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