Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Open Plea to Paul Draper

Dear Paul:

I’m a Zinaddict, and I need your help. As a regular consumer of America’s finest grape, I’ve enjoyed different wine styles, barrel influences and the impact of terrior through your Z-list program and with a number of other producers. As result of your long history of zin excellence, I believe that Ridge properly sits within the three R’s of Zinfandel (Ridge, Ravenswood and Rosenblum). In fact, just last night I enjoyed that massive whallup of Zin that only your York Creek delivers (2006 Ridge York Creek Zinfandel with spicy pepperoni pizza). But, what Ridge is desperately missing that the other Rs have discovered is Amador Valley. Yes, Lytton, York, Pagani, and Three Valleys and others are great, but there is nothing as wonderfully unique as Zinfandel from Amador Valley. Properly concocted, Amador Valley zins exude jammy raspberry, pepper and spice – everything a Zinaddict like myself yearns for daily. Renwood’s (yet another R) Grandmere and Grandpere bottlings, and Young’s Vineyard and Easton Wines all make wonderful examples.

Okay, I confess to have dropped out of the Z-list program due to my current financial considerations, but a Ridge Amador Valley just might bring me back into the fold.

Best, Joe Plonk

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