Friday, October 30, 2009

Crush It, Gary!

If you haven’t met Gary Vaynerchuk, you should do so immediately. He’s most famously known as the irreverent host of Wine Library TV, a daily on-line video wine blog. GaryVee isn’t the usual stuffed-shirt, espousing the proper way to hold your glass. He’s fresh, funny, and operates in a full-throttle, ants-in-your-pants, no-holds-barred sort of way. His video blogs include taste-offs, special guests such as winemaker Heidi Barrett and Wayne Gretsky, and pairings with fine foods such as Capt’n Crunch cereal. Gary is the master of new media, using streaming video, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, blogging and other social outlets to get out his message. It’s loud, it different, and (short of Joe Plonk’s musings) perhaps the most useful wine information out there.

I just wonder, however, can you really trust wine recommendations from a Jets fan? Go 49ers!

Best, Joe Plonk

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