Monday, October 19, 2009

XYZin Spells Winner

A recent addition to the wine list at our favorite restaurant, XYZin has quickly become one of our favorite bottles of zinfandel. In fact, last Wednesday night I arrived at our restaurant to find that TheWife had already ordered a bottle of XYZin – a rare feat indeed since TheWife typically allows her wine snob (err, wine lover) husband to select from the wine list.

XYZin makes vintage zinfandel marketed around the age of the vine – 10 year old vines ($16), 50 year old vines, and 100 year old vines. The 2007 XYZin 10 year old vines bottling is Contra Costa county, and it delivers a whallop of ruby-red cherry and strawberry flavor zinfandel. It is wonderful on the nose, both broad in its flavor range and round on the ends. I’ve enjoyed it with pasta (is there anything other than tomato-based pasta?), filet and seafood dishes. Neither overly tannic nor overly high in alcohol, it remains fresh, lively and balanced. This wine received five stars on the Drink Plonk Value Index from both Joe Plonk and TheWife.

Kudos to winemaker Ondine Chattan on this wonderful, fruit forward zinfandel. Now, I’m in search of the 50 year old vines (sold out) and their 100 year old vine bottlings. XYZin is a winner. You need go no further.

Best, Joe Plonk

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